Honest feedback on music

I’m working on making music for my story game using FL Studio, and I would like some feedback on some random pieces considering it wasn’t too long ago since I started playing around with FL Studio.


I like this so much, it’s great music. I especially like the 2nd and 3rd one, sounds like something calm that any person would go to sleep to. If you made this while playing around with FL studio then you truly are great at this. :smiley: :clap:

(Also the 2nd one reminds me of the diamonds songs from steven universe, it was like a little leifmotif that played when they showed up)

tbh the first one had 50 sec of no noise and litterally had any thing going for it but other than that its good.

I love this! It’s really good overall, gave me 8 bit arcade vibe, definitely fit as a soundtrack :+1:


That’s some cool music! I love the tune and the drum and 8-bit style music!

i really like the 3rd one, it gives me modern pixel indie game vibes