Honest feedback on my game

I’m looking to make some improvements to my game.

I’d love to get feedback on how we can work to improve the game.

Concept: This game was developed for girls (and boys) to role-play and socialize. It took a year to get here, but I know that we have lots of work ahead of us if we want to get to the front page.

I’m also wondering if adding cars, pets and improving mobile usability would improve the overall player’s experience.

Here’s a link to the game:


Any feedback, tips, or suggestions, would be greatly appreciated!

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I played the game for a tiny bit of time and this is my feedback:

  1. You should start in the ‘Downtown’ place, then have the option to open the map to teleport to other places. Considering how your demographic is leaning towards younger, it’s best to make things as least confusing as possible.
  2. Cars/pets would be great additions, as it gives a clear purpose: collection and trading. From when I barely played the game, I didn’t see anything for me to really do that didn’t involve other players. I saw the jobs, but I didn’t immediately understand the purpose of money in your game(Nor do I now).
  3. The “Work” menu doesn’t seem to swap between any camera view of locations(which I assume it was meant to). I think this is just a bug that needs fixing, so I won’t linger on this point.
  4. Gamepass icons should be a bit more unique, as they seem to (mostly) just be the same image, reused for different passes. It helps to showcase the different with a unique icon for each gamepass.
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Hey Tom!

Thank you so much for the feedback!
I’ll definitely work on those changes!