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:pencil: The honey&tea information page is split up into different sections, general regulations, contact information, and ranking information. Please note that the enforcement of these rules is at the discretion of our staff members, and their say is final.

:warning: General Regulations

  1. Respect & Inclusivity: Treat all members of the community with respect and kindness. Discrimination, hate speech, and harassment will not be tolerated. Embrace diversity and inclusivity. We celebrate individuality and welcome members from all walks of life.

  2. Appropriate Behavior: Maintain a positive and friendly atmosphere within the group. Negative behavior, trolling, or disruptive actions are not allowed. Use appropriate language and communication. Keep discussions and interactions constructive and courteous.

  3. Privacy & Safety: Protect your personal information. Do not share sensitive details publicly within the group. Avoid sharing any content that compromises your safety or the safety of others.

  4. Profanity: Maintain a family-friendly environment by refraining from using profanity, explicit language, or inappropriate content. Choose your words carefully to ensure that conversations remain respectful and suitable for all ages.

  5. Exploiting: Absolutely no exploiting, cheating, or using third-party software to gain unfair advantages in games, events, or any group-related activities. Play fair and respect the integrity of the games and events within the honey&tea Roblox Group

  6. Common Sense: Use common sense and good judgment in all your interactions, decisions, and actions within honey&tea. Consider the potential impact of your words and actions on the community and its members. If something seems inappropriate, unsafe, or goes against the spirit of our community, it’s best to avoid it.

  7. Spamming: Refrain from spamming or flooding the group with excessive and repetitive messages, content, or links. Ensure that your contributions to group discussions are meaningful and relevant to the topic at hand.

  8. Advertising: Avoid unsolicited advertising or self-promotion within the honey&tea Roblox Group. Refrain from sharing links, content, or discussions solely for the purpose of promoting external websites, groups, products, or services.

:iphone: Contact Information
Staffing Division:
whifeys, dorieun, jvm1ee, ndruze, xotvod, yvokui, exrcsts, awhyoichi, kowlish

Relations Division:
xsMarisa, aesriqa, cwerish, cursekittn, Jyoween, wrathofrejects, prescient, enchnwted, jwles, kyorvia

:closed_umbrella: Ranking Information
Newcomer- 0 wins
Winner - 5 wins
Marvelous - 15 wins
Legendary - 25 wins
Star - 35 wins
Super Star - 45 wins
Unstoppable - 55 wins
Immortal - 65 wins
Everlasting - 75 wins
Aristocracy - 85 wins

:page_facing_up: Written by the honey&tea Leadership Team.
:calendar: Last updated: 11/15/2023.

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