Hopefully, Creative Obby Game

Hello, I made this simple game this morning and I just wanted to share it with other people. For this obby, you’re chained to a steel ball, where you have to creatively figure out how to maneuver around certain areas without the ball dragging you down to the endless void.

It’s pretty simple at the moment and I imagine there are plenty of unaware bugs. I’m looking for feedback on the general idea of the game, how difficult it is, how fun it might be, what I can add, etc. (It’s meant to be pretty difficult)

Please excuse the poor game icon/thumbnail design haha, I’m not very good in that area but I figured I should make something as a placeholder regardless. Thanks :slight_smile:


If anyone’s interested here’s the game link. (There are 12 stages/levels at the moment)
Game Link: Weighed Down - Roblox


I like the idea but
He do be chillin’


Also no checkpoints add em.

Yeah, there’s only a halfway checkpoint since I wasn’t sure how difficult I wanted to make it.

its already very rageful as the weight is a high. add more.

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I like it!

But at least add 2 other checkpoints

Its a good idea

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Thanks, I’ll make sure to add a couple more checkpoints.

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