Hopefully someone sees this and consider me into UGC

My first ever UGC concept! It’s a bowler hat thing


good good but not good its too simple not many details with that no one will consider you into UGC better practice a lot mate. also the rims on the hat are too thin


I mean, when you look at some of the more recent UGC items we’ve been getting, well…

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lol true, if they can get in then theres no way Getter_Jaani cant get in

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UGC 's standard dropped harder than mine

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i literally saw people selling something which was just 3 lines…

my opinion is the same as @Unspeakblegaming57’s, UGC’s standard was higher and your work is not impressive with such a lack of detail

wheres the shading

can you add some shading and some ACTUAl texturing?