Horizon Corporation Lore and Departments


The Horizon Corporation is a huge Trillion dollar Private Military Corporation boosting over hundreds of Sites worldwide. But it doesn’t just focus on it’s Army.The Corporation also does Research in all kinds of Subjects, from simple Mathematics to anomalous entities - The Corporation has it covered!

##Department and Roles

#The Directors Council/The Shareholders
The Shareholders; known as the Directors Council are the heart of the Corporation. It’s governing body. Every Shareholder is assigned to Govern a single Department to make sure everything’s going as planned.

The Head Councillor funds each department accordingly do how much it needs. He/She governs the entire Corporation with the Vice Head Councillor and must be protected by HSF Soldiers at almost all times.

#The Intelligence Agency (HIA)
The Horizon Intelligence Agency (HIA) was formed to Spy on GoIs and enemy Corporations. But it doesn’t do just that. It spies on numerous members of the Corporation, from the High Ranking Officials down to the Janitorial Department employees. And it reports every single Intel it gathers back to the Council itself.

#The Special Forces (HSF)
The Horizon Special Forces (HSF) is a part of the HAF that is well-Trained and well equipped, working in every type of Operation and situations that the HAF cannot handle. From hostage situations to capturing anomalous entities and guarding the highest ranks of The Corporation; The HSF got you covered!

#The Horizon Armed Forces (HAF)
The Horizon Armed Forces - also known as the HAF is one of the main reasons The Horizon Corporation is a Private Military Corporation. Not only does it protect Bases and Sites from intruders, it also fights alongside any Army that pays them the most in a Military conflict. The HAF mostly fights for NATO & Slavic Countries, but it isn’t picky to choose a side.

#The Medical Department (TMD)
ah, The Medical Department. Making sure everyone is in Tip-Top shape. No more explanation to what it does is needed. I’m guessing.

#The Engineering Department (TED)
The Engineering Department - Making sure every base of Operation that the Corporation owns is in a functioning state. But that isn’t the only thing The Engineering Department does. If there is nothing to repair, or whatever thing they usually work on. The Engineering Department helps local residents with maintenance problems to boost local support.

#The Scientific Department
The Scientific Department (TSD) - Also jokingly referred to as “The Lab Boys” are a part of the Corporation focusing on doing sciency science stuff, pretty self-explanatory.

#The Janitorial Department
The Janitorial Department (TJD) are the reason why Corporation Bases look so clean. But usually they just clean the mess that The Scientific Department leaves behind.

#Unmentioned Department
Now there are many Departments that haven’t been mentioned yet. These include: The Ethics Committee, Site Director and furthermore that I am unable to list.

I hope you stop asking The Head Councillor about the lore, He/She has other things to do rather than answering stupid questions.
Have a Great day, and thank you for reading!