Horror device ideas

Core gameplay loop:
1 player is selected as Marco, all other players (up to 9) are Polo. There are 10 clues hidden in the map that only Polo players can see. The goal of Polo players is to either find all the clues, or hide and survive for 8 minutes, to win.
Marco player has a special ability. Every 10 seconds he can shout “Marco”, and the nearest player will automatically reply “Polo”, thus making it easier for Marco to find other players.
Marco has to find and kill all other players to win.

The game is already done and ready, but now I am making devices to make the gameplay more interesting for Polo players. Here’s what’s made so far.

Bear Trap:
Literally a bear trap. Can be placed on ground, and if Marco steps on it, he makes a loud noise and can’t move for 5 seconds. Each player has only 1 trap, but they can replace and rearm it as many times as they want.

Clue Finder:
A device that starts beeping when Polo gets close to a clue, to make the clues easier to find. Closer the clue is, faster the device beeps.

So, I need more device ideas like the ones above, for Polo players. Want the devices to actually be interesting but not OP, meaning the Marco player has to have a good chance of catching all of them. For example I don’t want a device that can Kill Marco.


Grappling Hook; This device lets the Polo player reach elevated places or traverse the map more efficiently. It provides extra mobility but still requires skill to use effectively.

Distracting Noise Maker : When activated, this device creates a loud noise at a chosen location, diverting Marco’s attention away from the Polo player’s actual position.

Smoke Bomb : When activated, this device releases a cloud of smoke around the Polo player, temporarily obscuring Marco’s vision. It can be used for a quick escape or to create confusion during a chase.


Amazing, I like all of them. Will implement.


Good to hear. Looking forward to playing this game whenever it is released!

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