Horror Game Feedback

Hello I have started working on a horror game and I would really appreciate any feedback that you have to offer, mostly with the builds but I accept anything.
Here is a link to it:

Please tell me what you thought?


A lot of these doors seem to lead to nothing & the keys were hard to find, seem to be doing a lot of running around trying to figure out what to do also.

It’s nice so far though, I like it.

thanks alot for the feedback the keys are hard to place right because they go back a stud or two so Ill try fix that but thanks for feedback

This made my heart beat faster, scary


Look on the very side and this blue gui
Can they be “better” like moving the f- button so it can be visible

the blue ui is sprint which also causes anxiety if you use too much sprint which makes you break heavily other then that ui idk what other blue ui there is

look at the right side, you will see a white ui with the letter f

oh yeah that is the exit which isn’t needed at first but its there if you need it I am going to edit it soon

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