Horror game idea

Hi there! I have a very interesting horror game idea, that is currently in the works BUT I’m very interested on what other people feel about it.

The game would be called ‘Vermiculus’, a spin on the Slender series, as well as resembling some similarities towards Piggy’s game mechanics HOWEVER, not too inherently similar. There’ll be a story to follow, as well as players having new tools at their disposal every game.

Each chapter will consistently have 8 players and these 8 players will be tasked to do something different that benefits the group. For instance, one person could have the flashlight whereas someone could have nightvision goggles if the flashlight wasn’t enough. Every player is essential to the story, and as the story progresses, their tools and items will change according to the story.

There’ll be no cutscenes, only blocks of text explaining what happened. With an intro sequence that involves music!

To access the chapters, players must go into the main game and go to the chapter select room, where players are free to select any chapter they desire- but it’s recommended to follow what the story has in mind to get the true immersion. There’ll be 3 lives, but if you lose every life- you must start over and try again. This adds the ability to keep replaying, as items will be different for your character to keep coming back.

There’ll be different sections within the game, involving the standard horror theme located within the forest, as well as an abandoned building to learn more about their whereabouts and what’s going on, etc…

Each chapter will have different characters chasing you down, but the primary antagonist is Vermiculus.

Vermiculus is what you’d consider a vengeful spirit, hatred so powerful that he became a demon out of spite. He has connections to the 8 players, and that would be going into spoiler territory if I said any further.

His abilities involve being able to control NPC’s with his power- blood manipulation. He can essentially make them like zombies to attack anyone that’s in sight, mind controlling them. He can also make blood feel like acid to the touch, and cause destructive situations. He is what you’d call… a blood demon.

As for items involving gamepasses, I was thinking of this:

  • VIP pass that involves a unique name tag above the player’s head. 2x health to survive in sticky situations.
  • A pass where you can track the other players in the game if you get lost.
  • A map that is unique to every chapter, and will only require having the gamepass.

I’m not too sure on what else to add, but this is what I have at the moment and I feel very proud of myself.


Great! This is very simple to make, you wont have soo much pressure on you’re back when doing this, I recommend that you don’t all push it at once, because the motivation drops, but I hope me saying this puts it up, if you need help just ask me.


Really!? Thank you so so so much! I wouldn’t mind help at all! I’m really, REALLY good when it comes to making forest levels- but not so much when it comes to interior design. If you’d be willing to help, you would be given some privileges into my game and have your own tools for each segment!

Send me a DM if you’re interested on working this project!

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