Horror Game Menu

What do you guys think of this build I have been working on? Not sure really what I’m gonna make it into, but yeah.

  • Took inspiration from the horror game called “The Test” which has been deleted from Roblox

Honestly, it looks amazing! I honestly hope that you explore more on this idea.


Thank you so much! I was planning to continue, but never could really come up with a full story line.

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Maybe you could imagine if it was like a movie or something you can read online, what kind of story and events or characters could catch your attention and try building your story from there. The most important thing to a great story is that you are motivated and passionate about it, im sure it will come out great. Keep it up looks good!

Thanks so much! I’ll have to try that it may help me for sure. Motivation has for sure been my downfall.

The Horror Menu Screen is really cool. I like the statics, etc. :+1:

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you’ve created a really nice and interesting atomsphere. i think there is a difference of detail applied to the folding chair and the gun as compared to other things like the table and barred walls that can come off as jarring, so maybe work on equalising the level of detail put into the models. other than that, i really like what you’ve done here and i hope to see more of it soon

Thank you, I could see what you’re saying. I did some of it intentionally to give to some depth to confuse the player.

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Thank you, I was thinking of toning it down, but not sure

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Oh ok! Just decide if you want to toning it down or not. Anyways, have a good day or evening.