Hot Air Balloon Changelog

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Starting from December 2020, Hot Air Balloon full update changelogs will be here instead of the game’s description page. The changelogs are sorted from new to old.

Patch 20.12.27 (v0.4.1)
  • Dialogue system text should now scale properly
  • Walking sounds are now synced with the character’s WalkSpeed
  • Minor dialogue changes
Update 20.12 (v0.4)
  • New dialogue system (For the Token Seller in Spawn Island).
  • Integrated the new ProximityPrompts to the Hot Air Balloons and Token Seller.
  • Refreshed the UI to better match Roblox’s new CoreGUIs.
  • Added a new Cinematic Mode. (Press V to toggle on/off)
  • Added CloneTrooper1019’s Realism mod.
  • Changed the WalkSpeed amount to be better match the new footsteps sounds.
  • Increased the fire particle rate and speed on the Hot Air Balloons.
  • Changed the terrain material.
  • Added flowing river sound effect to better match the environment.
  • Renamed the “Support Me!” gamepass to “Support Token”. Price also reduced to 39 Robux.
Update 19.05 (v0.3)
  • The “ocean” has been replaced by SmoothTerrain water.
  • Added simple grass to all Islands.
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Changed the background music.
Update 18.12 (v0.2.2)
  • Added emotes (requires Support Me! gamepass)
Update 18.10 (v0.2.1)
  • Added a limited-time Autumn-themed map.
Update 18.09 (v0.2)
  • The Islands have been redecorated.
Update 18.06 (v0.1)
  • Added a new Island (Twin Islands). You can quickly access it through the Hot Air Balloon.
  • Added a new booth to the Spawn Island.

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Notes: Changelogs for updates before December 2020 might be slightly inaccurate and/or lack detailed documentation.

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