Hotel Pricing Help

Hey guys,

I was just “hired” by someone to make them a hotel (Do not ask about the quotations). Since this is my first project in which I may get paid for, how much should I sell the hotel?

  • I do not know how to use Blender at all, but I figured I can still make models without using meshes at all. It was proven by a few popular and active Roblox hotel groups.

  • I have taken on this opportunity as part of a learning process for me, for I do not know how to do some of the complex building and is yet to figure it out.

  • I am doing this project by myself.

  • I was only hired to build and script the hotel.

What I have considered was part of the cost for him to pay was for the labor itself, a big part of it for the hotel, and an additional cost for anything purchased for construction (in which would be a check-in system). I would have to ask him to pay for the hotel before I publish it under his group page but after I am done developing.

No, I do not have pictures yet. The purpose for this post was for help determining a cost for the client to pay because I do not want him to pay too much or too less.

It really depends on the finished product and what it should look like in the end. What’s the scale of it? How big will it be? Is there any specific style that they are looking for the hotel to be built in?


How much is your time and talent worth to you?


There is no specific style they are looking for. Right now, my plan is to have 3 floors with 8 rooms on each. I am still considering how many premium rooms there should be, and if there should be a penthouse. I was just hired yesterday, so I am yet to do more research and planning. The hotel will not have anything major like a waterpark, but it can possibly have a spa and a lobby for VIP members. The style of it would not be out of the ordinary as the hotel may be shaped like this hotel:

Like what I said, this is my first project requested by someone. I do not have a lot of talent whatsoever, and my time is really flexible.

There is no point asking for a valid response when you:

  • Say that you do not have any talent.
  • Do not provide any pictures.
  • Are intentionally enigmatic about revealing anything.

Did you half-arse it? That’s my assumption here.


First of all, asking for pricing is not allowed in this forum.

Also since you have stated your lack of skill, why are you even thinking about getting paid for something you know you may not deliver to a given standard? If you want to learn how to build or script but also want to work for others do it for free, it gives you content for your portifolio, will help you bring in people later on when you are actually ready to get paid for the work you do and it is also a zero risk method for both sides.


I did not realize that rule was added a few months ago.

I will get in touch with the client about what you said about my skills.

Asking for prices is not allowed as stated in the rules of the Developer Forum:

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