House in the Woods [Showcase] Update Log

House in the Woods [Showcase] Update Log:

Official Update log for House in the Woods [Showcase]


1.8.0: Polish & Finish

Description: This update significantly remakes the entire interior of the house with lots of decor. This update additionally introduces Glas Framework. A custom UI framework made to help unify UI and transitions. Update also includes major bug fixes

Status: Published :green_circle:

Date: June 13, 2022

Update Logs:

  • Settings Menu Remake
    • Framework rewrite.
    • Better UI Scaling across devices.
    • Fixed some settings.
  • Added Cinematic Mode
    • PC users get a better version of this. (Keyboard reasons)
  • Removed Sprinting
    • Removed because of bugginess and no proper mobile support. Plus, who needs to run?
  • Fixed audio issues
    • Roblox decided to cripple all my audio, so I just removed it. New audio coming soon.
  • Added the GlasFramework 0.1
    • Allows for better UI transitions. More is to be added soon.
  • Updated map
    • Updated all the rooms with much more details.
  • Updated Walls
    • Updated Base
    • Z-fighting & alignment fixes.
  • Updated roads.
    • Now utilize the Asphalt Material.
    • Collison optimization
  • Updated Shower
    • It actually works now.
  • Added Invite Menu
  • Removed Donation Board
    • It took up too much space. Donors will get a “Donor” rank in chat. Donation Gamepass is to come soon.

Update Notes:
Thumbnails should be getting an update soon.

1.7.0: The Forest Awakens

Description: This update completely changes the outside feel to the game and lighting with major graphical improvements such as Terrain updates, new a Forest. It also includes script-related updates such as an overhauled Sprint & a new Dev Module.

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: December 31, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Lighting Overhaul

    • Remade Atmosphere
    • Remade ColorCorrection
      • Made the colors more rich and contrasting.
    • Updated DepthOfFieldEffects
      • Increased FarIntensity & InFocusRadius
      • Lowered FocusDistance
    • Updated Ambient, OutdoorAmbient, ColorShift, ShadowSoftness, and ExposureCompensation
    • Updated Bloom
      • Increased Size and lowered Threshold
    • Updated SunRays
  • Remade Sprinting

    • Added Mobile & Xbox Support
    • Added FOV Effect
  • Remade Outdoor Barrier

    • Made to be much less noticeable but still visible
  • Updated Terrain

    • Added a Creek
    • Remade Forest (Again)
      • Updated tree models and added more variety
    • Added Vegetation
      • Added Ferns, Flowers, Bushes, etc.
    • Added hills
    • Updated MaterialColors
      • Made it look more natural and desaturated
    • Added dirt surrounding trees
      • This took a long time to do with paintbrush.
  • Updated Roads

    • Added Road Wear
  • Added Emote Bar, Friend Locator, & Spawn with Friends.

  • Added Invite Button to TopBar

    • Disabled for now due to bugs.
  • Added Outdoor dust particles

    • This is different from indoor particles.
  • Enabled Spatial Voice

    • Might disable in the future
  • Enabled Avatar Context Menu

    • Customised UI colors a bit
  • Started making the VR system and preparing the experience for VR support. :wink:

Update Notes:
Thumbnails should be getting an update and design refresh soon.

1.6.5: Backend Fixes

Description: Major backend fixes and minor lighting & particlechanges

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: November 17, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Removed some parts
  • Updated dust and smoke particles
  • Rescripted Experience settings & Updated UI elements
  • Minor map changes & fixes
  • Replaced BetterChat with a custom in-house chat system
    • Should fix nearly all the bugs BetterChat has with a new chat system developed by TheWinners152.

Update Notes:
Backend fixes that hopefully should fix high ping. (It’s a roblox problem ok?)

1.6.4: The Big Rebuild

Description: Rebuilds and refinishes a lot of assets giving them better polish and slightly lower part count. This update includes slightly faster load times, improved collisions, fewer building & alignment imperfections, complete union rebuild, a major performance boost, and more.

This update also heavily focuses on Collison and Part optimization giving major FPS increases in some places. (+15 FPS tho on my GTX 1660 Ti… not bad)

ALL of the walls, roofs, and wall bases along with some assets have been completely rebuilt or improved. Wall of the interior and exterior walls have been rebuilt and realigned so there aren’t as many clipping and alignment issues. Rails have been remade and redone along with angled wall bases. Nearly all unions and meshes have had their Collisions optimized for better performance.

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: September 28, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Updated all Walls
    • Remade models with parts instead of unions
  • Updated windows
    • Recentered windows
  • Updated Paper stack
    • Updated model
    • Added Text decal
    • Edited size
  • Updated Wall base
    • Remade model
  • Updated Keyboard
    • Updated model
  • Updated PC
    • Remade model
  • Updated Handrails
    • Updated Handrail model
    • Updated Pole model
    • Updated fence
    • Part alignment
  • Updated closets
    • Remade model
  • Updated Carpet
    • Updated model
  • Updated Shower
    • Realigned parts
  • Added TVs & Stand
  • Fixed Collison Optimasation (Performance Based)
    • Updated all unions to the correct CollisionFidelity
  • Fixed Sound not playing
  • Updated Leaderboard
    • Updated timer format from Seconds to Minutes & Seconds

Update Notes:
The place should look near identical or improved in some places. Note that since walls have moved and completely redone some assets may be clipping, don’t fit into the map, or missing. Report these to my Discord or Twitter with screenshots and location.

1.6.3: Interaction & Quailty Update | Phase 1

Description: Adds basic interactivity to the game. Many features will be added and refined in the Future.

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: September 7, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Readded Settings
    • Fixed Major Bugs with it not opening most of the time
    • Reworked all of the scripts
    • Added Sound Toggle
  • Added Door Functionality
  • Updated Roof
    • Updated Size
  • Updated Light switches
    • Added noise and animation
    • Updated Model
  • Updated Power Sockets
    • Updated Model
  • Updated Sound System
    • Updated Sound zones
    • Updated Playlist system to support muting
    • Updated Playlist
  • Updated radio
    • Updated sounds
  • Updated WindShake
  • Updated dust
  • Increased spawn amount

Update Notes:
Part 2 comes when I learn Tweening. Probably in a year.

1.6.2: QOL Update

Description: Fixes and updates minor parts with better optimization.

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: Augest 18, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Updated Lighting
    • Updated Ambient & OutdoorAmbient
    • Updated Colorshift_Top
    • Updated ExposureCompensation
    • Updated DepthOfField
  • Updated Handrails
    • Updated Model
    • Updated from Union to MeshPart
  • Updated Badge System
    • Fixed bugs
  • Updated Toilet
    • Updated model
    • Updated Union Collisons
    • Reunioned with CSG2
  • Updated Sky
    • Updated Skybox to Custom Skybox
    • Updated Sun
    • Updated Atmosphere
  • Updated Sound
    • Updated Nature ambience
  • Fixed spawning on lights
    • Turned off collisions

Update Notes:
Please read the Game Announcements

1.6.1: Collisions Changes

Description: A major collision overhaul update with bug fixes. This update focuses on updating collisions and bug fixes.

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: July 7, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Updated most Union collisions
  • Fixed spawning of Roof
  • Removed unused or unnecessary assets.
  • Updated Chat
  • Updated models
    • Unioned models with advanced collisions
  • Updated ClickDetector CursorIcon

Update Notes:
Some Collisions may be glitched or incorrectly set.

1.6.0: Summer Update

Description: Update for the summer which focuses on quality of life improvements. Highlights of this update are new lighting mechanics, more details to make the area feel more life, updated models to fit my new building style, and much more. Also, update log layout changes.

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: June 20, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Added Nature Ambiance
  • Added Atmospheric Dust
  • Updated Donation Board
    • Added Particles
    • Added PointLights
  • Updated Desk
    • Added Hot Pockets
      • Yum, Pepperoni Hot Pockets…
    • Added PC
    • Updated Monitor
    • Added Pencil holders
  • Updated Ceiling lights
    • Updated PointLight Brightness to 0.25
    • Updated Lighting to be hybrid of SpotLights and PointLights
    • Updated Light beam
  • Updated Wall base
    • Updated Bezel
  • Updated Cabinet
    • Added Interior
    • Separated Handle
    • Updated Door position
  • Updated Radio
    • Added Static noises
    • Unioned Parts
  • Updated Office chair
  • Updated Porch
    • Added lights
    • Updated arch
  • Updated Door
    • Updated Door frame
    • Updated Door position
  • Updated Exterior
    • Added House number
    • Added Garage lights
    • Updated Porch lights
  • Updated Bathtub Shower
    • Updated Shower head
    • Updated Water Particles
    • Updated Handle
    • Updated Metal Reflectance
    • Updated Faucet
    • Updated Overflow drain
    • Updated Curtain material
  • Updated All Models
    • Updated LevelOfDetail
  • Updated (most) unions
    • Updated CollisionFidelity to appropriate Collision
      • After QA Testing it has been decided that you may have an up to an 50% FPS increase due to this change.
  • Removed Welds
  • Fixed Beam clipping

Update Notes:
Thumbnails will be updated soon to reflect the new lighting and models.

1.5.4: Forest Update

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: May 25, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Rebuilt Tree positions and locations from scratch
  • Optimised Trees
    • Updated LevelOfDetail and RenderFidelity to Automatic
  • Fixed Collisions for some Unions
  • Updated StreamingMesh
  • Updated ColorCorrection
    • Updated Tint to yellowish-white
    • Updated Contrast to be more colorful
  • Updated Blur
    • Increased Size
  • Fixed spawning in the ground and falling through the ground
  • Updated SunRays
  • Expanded Outdoor barrier

Update Notes:

  • Atmosphere may be broken.
  • Update has about a 30% FPS boost on the GPU response times. Info from QA Testing.

1.5.3: Walls & Bases Update

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: May 18, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Realigned parts
  • Added Wall corners
  • Updated Wall base
  • Added You Joined Badge
  • Added Met the Owner Badge
  • Updated StreamingMesh
  • Updated WindShake

Update Notes:
Badge rarity might be glitched.

1.5.2: Patch and Polish Update

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Timestamp: May 6, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Added Windshake [Credit: Wind Shake]
  • Updated SpawnLocations
  • Updated Barrier
  • Updated Desk
  • Updated Beams
  • Updated Unions
  • Updated Doors
  • Added bench
  • Fixed Z-fighting
  • Fixed unanchored parts
  • Disabled Shift Lock
  • Fixed Union related lighting glitches
  • Updated Hanging lights

Update Notes:

  • Some doors may have collisions enabled. Please report these to me via Roblox Messages.
  • Desk PBR Texture may be unable to load. We are aware of this issue and we don’t know why it keeps happening. DO NOT report this to us as we are already aware.
  • Woodfloor PBR Texture may appear to be stretched in Mobile devices. We are aware of this issue and we don’t know why it keeps happening specifically on Mobile devices. DO NOT report this to us as we are already aware.

1.5.1: Mini-Expansion & Lighting Update

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Date: April 22, 2021

Update Logs:

  • Updated Leaderboard system
  • Updated Chat system UI
  • Updated Telephone pole model
  • Updated Fall damage
  • Updated Gravity
  • Updated JumpPower
  • Updated Beds
  • Updated SunRays
  • Updated GeographicLatitude
  • Updated TimeOfDay
  • Updated House exterior
  • Updated LightBeam system
  • Partly added Downstairs
  • Added more Premium perks (Chat Tags)
  • Added Chat tags
  • Moved the Map slightly
  • Fixed Admin commands not working in the new chat system
  • Removed Water placeholder

Update Notes:
Wood floor texture might be glitched for mobile. We are aware of this issue and we are working on a fix. This seems to affect mobile only.

1.5.0: Nature Update

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Update Logs:

  • Added death ragdoll
  • Added Dynamic Telephone pole
  • Added butterflies and eagles
  • Added Roads
  • Added New Chat system [Credit: Better Chat]
  • Added Exterior house details
  • Added Garage placeholder
  • Added Front porch and lawn
  • Added car decorations
  • Added Anti-Aliasing (Blur)* Updated Grass color
  • Updated Tree meshes
  • Updated RespawnTime
  • Updated Atmosphere
  • Updated gravity
  • Updated StreamingMesh
  • Updated Windows
  • Updated fog
  • Updated HD Admin
  • Fixed Leaderboard time stuck at 3 seconds bug

Update Notes:
The Nature Update is finally here. This update includes much of the outside overhauled. Most exterior items had to be redesigned for this update to push. Broken doors are being investigated rn. Idk much code and why they are broken. Something to do with TweeningService I think? Door collisions has been set to false.

1.4.3: Ceilings & Lighting Update

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Update Logs:

  • Updated ceiling light models
  • Updated ceiling dome models
  • Updated DepthOfField
  • Added ceiling vents
  • Added fire alarms
  • Adjusted lighting range and brightness for all lights
  • Added leave particles
  • Added light beams
  • Added dynamic powerlines
  • Added exterior roof
  • Added attic access (Non-functional)
  • Temporarily blocked all windows

Update Notes:
Windows have been blocked due to some issues. This should be resolved next update/

1.4.2: UI Enchancement Update

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Update Logs:

  • Added time counter to the leaderboard.
  • Updated ClickerDetector CursorIcon
  • Replaced Toilet ProximityPrompt with ClickDetector
  • Replaced Light Switch ProximityPrompt with ClickDetector
  • Added Settings Button
  • DepthOfField adjustments
  • Updated placeholder with water terrain
  • Added EnvMaps
  • Added StreamingMesh
  • Updated lighting to match Skybox
  • Added some paintings
  • Updated Atmosphere
  • Optimised Wall Unions
  • Updated barrier hitbox

Update Notes:

1.4.1: Enrichment Patch 1

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Update Logs:

  • Fixed unanchored parts
  • Fixed Windows using old models
  • Fixed Faucets using old models
  • Fixed Lights with Shadow and Parts with Cast Shadow off
  • Updated Spawn area
  • Updated Cabinet handles
  • Updated Carpet color and Union
  • Updated Towel holders
  • Updated Lightbar
  • Removed unnecessary or duplicated parts
  • Adjusted MotionBlur
  • Adjusted Gravity
  • Adjusted Jump Power
  • Adjusted ColorCorrection
  • Added Office Chair
  • Added Laptop to Bedroom 1
  • Added Waving Animation for top donor statue

Update Notes:
Grass Meshes has been still disabled due to performance problems. The settings button has been disabled until the development of the settings menu has finished.

1.4.0: Expansion Update 2

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Update Logs:

  • Added New Bedroom, Bathroom, and Home Office
  • Added Settings Button (Disabled)
  • Added Motion Blur
  • Added Top Donor NPC
  • Moved Donation Board
  • New Window Models
  • New Counter Models with Full Interiors
  • New Faucet Models
  • Improved Loading Times
  • Improved Lighting
  • Improved Grass Mesh Performance
  • Improved House Exterior
  • Improved RAM usage and fewer parts (Hopefully)

Update Notes:
Grass Meshes has been disabled for performance boost until further notice. The settings button has been disabled due to glitching. Bugs are bound to occur.

1.3.5: Pre-Expansion Update 2

Status: Depreciated :red_circle:

Update Logs:

  • Changed barrier material to be Force Field and added “Coming Soon” text
  • Loaded Expansion Update 2 Assets and Map

Update Notes:
Exploiting and Leaking to reveal restricted parts of the map is will result in a 1-week ban.

Game Announcements:

May 11, 2021: Canceled until further notice.
In the next major update, Interactive Update, you will be able to open cabinets, cupboards, etc. Many models made before the Expansion Update 2 were made using old building styles, have little to no interior and require a complete redesign for the update to be pushed out. The time of completion is unknown as I need to learn about TweeningService and other stuff before pushing this out. We are not going to have this update in a long time.

August 18, 2021:
They will be no updates for the game for a while as school has started for me and I have a new project in the works. This has been one of my best years on Roblox as a Developer. Thanks for all your support on this game.


For support, suggestions, or questions message TheWinners152 on Roblox.