House Roof Feedback

This is the first house I’ve pretty much ever made. I’m not sure what roof I should give it.


I apologise for posting 2 different times about this house :sweat_smile:
Any help is appreciated
Thank you for your time! :slightly_smiling_face:


Looks super detailed, I like the way you made each side have a pointed top bit. Lovely job on the build as well. I also love the colours you chosen. I will definitely like to see more of your work in the future! Keep on building! :slight_smile:

-uD0ge :dog:



I think you should decide yourself. Though there are some simple examples. If you want more examples, I suggest you look at some building sites in your own times. I would personally suggest a this.

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I’ll say it’s great. At its better than mine lol here is the feedback:

Try different materials (let’s say bricks)

Add a structure to it (like a chimmy)


This is a really nice build, and I personally like the simplicity that it has.

The roof has a unique shape, and I think it works pretty well just the way it is. If you want to pack more detail, I suggest to place small tiles on it and transform it into a pattern, kind of like the brick pattern that you have on the walls.

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You might consider stylizing the roof in a cartoony sense, as I get kinda a roblox simulator vibe from it. In this case you will want the roof to get steeper the further up the roof you go (curved roof). Accomplish this by having at least 2 wedges make up the slope of the roof, with the higher wedge being steeper

overall GJ though C:

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