Hovercraft help with movement

Hello! Currently for fun I’m making a hovercraft which will move in the direction of wasd, but I am very new to body forces, body velocity’s, body gyros, etc. So I need some help of course, I’ve already created forward backward movement but its very bad, my main issue currently is moving a part with forces in one direction where the parts facing not an axis, I would also like to completely revamp the system because I don’t know how to turn the vehicle well with a and d and with body gyros

This is the inspiration: [NEW CRITICAL ADVENTURE!] Countless Worlds - A Small Look - YouTube

Have a look at:

I already have but am having a hard time finding out how to move a part in a direction that the part is facing and not just an axis

Try CFrame’s LookVector.

how would I do this? (sorry I’m new to this type of thing)

That’s fine!
For example, moving a brick forward 5 units from another brick would look like this: [Forward = Facing the FRONT surface]

local movingBrick = script.Parent:FindFirstChild("moving")
local staticBrick = script.Parent:FindFirstChild("static")

movingBrick.CFrame = staticBrick.CFrame + staticBrick.CFrame.LookVector * 5

Try this with a BodyVelocity!

BodyVelocity.Velocity = vector3.new(BasePart.CFrame.LookVector*100) -- change 100 to wahtever you want

This will make it go in the direction it is facing! I hope this helps you! =) (Also make sure all parts are welded, of course)

so how would i apply this? what is static brick?

Static is just a word I used to imply that the brick doesn’t move.

I used this but didn’t understand how i set up the property’s of body velocity

looks like this currently

sorry about other comment, this works but adding the Vector3.new broke the thing and when i removed it, it fixed so thanks

another question how would i rotate the vehicle for instance 45 degrees?

Sorry! I was asleep and at school. D:
To rotate something, you could do:


You could make it look nice by tweening it too! Here’s some more documentation on CFrame (Scroll down for an explanation on CFrame.Angles()) !