How am I able to import an .FBX camera animation to a Roblox part?

Hey, I am trying to do a handheld camera effect and to put it into Roblox for a much more engaging and environmental cutscene. I am using a part as a camera and wanted to put the camera animation into that same part.

Do you guys have any idea how to import an .FBX animation to Roblox in a part?
Thanks for reading and perhaps answering!


I am not for sure but have you tried using anything like blender rig pluin?

Of course, I import my rig blender animations using that. But I am not using a rig in this instance, rather a single part.

It can still work the same tho if you add a invisible part and call it a humanoid root part an make it the primary part it should still work as if it was a rig I’ve done it before take a look at view model arms for because they have cameras inside the arms for animation and look how they work.

Maybe there are some plugins which allow you import that animation into studio? For exmple moon animator has camera animation, I don’t really know can it import animations from blender/ But I’m sure that some of animation plugins are able to do it

Ok I Made This Video For You Trying To Explain It If You Want Add Me On Discord If You Still Need Help And Of course Mark Me As Solution If I Helped.

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