How Are The UIs I Made?


Hi everyone.

I made a few UIs, waiting for your comments.



they look really good! I love the transition from blue to green keep up the work!

It look pretty good. But the red button doesn’t match, I’d change it to blue.


Looks kind of basic. Maybe add something inside the boxes. The gradient from blue to green doesn’t really match the grey background. It is a good effort, but surely can be improved!

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I like the color transitions, but the red button looks a little off and sort of breaks the symmetry.
Perhaps the buttons should have the lighter shade of grey to match the icons?
The smaller boxes and buttons might also look better with a drop shadow to add depth.
If you are not going for a minimalistic look, you could also add a frame over the icons for a light glare for a nice touch and more of a cartoony feel.

Free models?

But that very pretty,good job bro.

I personally don’t like the blue/green gradient on the UI’s border, I feel like it doesn’t match. I also noticed that the UI’s border isn’t aligned. Other than that it looks really simple and clean. Great job.

Actually, I thought of that too.