How bad is this kind of flooring for optimization purposes?

Is this flooring bad for optimization purposes? It’s going to be a highly detailed training grounds (dojo) once it’s complete. I really like the detailing I can get from a floor like this, that I can’t get with just pbr/textures.

Are they MeshParts? If so, use this as a checklist to optimize their performance:

  • Have their RenderFidelity set to Performance
  • Have their CollisionFidelity set to Box
  • Disable CastShadow on them to test if it actually needs shadows to be casted
  • Make sure DoubleSided is set to false
  • If possible, set CanTouch, CanCollide and CanQuery to false. This means the part has no collision. The floor looks rather thin and collision calculations play a part in your games performance. The players will have their feet clip through the floor very slightly, depending on the distance between the top of the floor MeshPart and the actual bottom floor.

This checklist really applies to any MeshPart, so if you have anymore in your game, try to follow it!

Also to answer your original question, it all depends on the computer running your game. My computer could run that with no problem, but lower end devices might struggle. That’s why it’s important to follow guidelines like above to try and compensate for lower end devices.

Once your game is out, try and ask your playerbase if they struggle with lag. If so, maybe add a high detail option?


Thank you so much! Will make these changes as soon as I hop in studio!

If they are a mesh, also delete the bottom face of the floor. Since you cant see it, theres no point rendering it.