How best to end race?

I’m looking for a little advice, i’m making a small racing game and am curious what is the best thing to do after the winner has crossed the line but the other racers haven’t finished yet?

I’ll definitely have a countdown timer so that those who have finished don’t have to wait for the slowest guy to finally finish, but I’m not sure what to do with those that have already finished while this countdown happens.

  • Maybe some kind auto pilot to take control of driving a victory lap? This could be complex as it would need to avoid potential obstacles and I’m not sure the payoff for that much coding is worth it for this game. Would pathfinding potentially work for this?

  • Teleport the finishers to an off track area and let wait there until race is over?

  • Let them keep control of car and do what they want on the track but don’t let them drive backwards so they can interfere with those still racing?

Eventually when the race is over everyone gets teleport back to the lobby and I’d like that to happen to everyone at same time.



Hi TallyOPoco,

In my opinion there is no right or wrong, they are design choices, what you have to think about is what emotion you want to arouse in the player to reward him for his skills.

Generally in racing games, the prize for victory is glory, so a simple raised podium could be fine, visible from the start of the race but empty and once the players cross the finish line, particles of confetti, shortcut of the player waving the audience and goes up to the podium (all with pre-set animations adapted to the players’ skins).
At this point the players are made to spawn on the podium.


Hello . in my opinion, i would like the players who finished the race spectate other people . or you can record the cf of the player every render step and let the player watch what happen when they were racing


I do have the players spawn back to lobby and the winner on a podium, I’m just thinking about what to do with the time between when the first person crosses the line and when the remaining players have been given enough time to try and finish (maybe 30 secs?)

I’d like all the players to respawn at same time so it’s keeping those who have finished entertained as well as stopping them from interfering with those who have not finished.

I guess a simple option is to have an observation booth near the finish line so they can watch the race or let them continue to drive but put up an invisible wall so they can’t drive back over the finish line and crash into others :slight_smile:

Yes, what I was recommending is a short off-screen animation to celebrate the victory and then have the winners appear one after the other in this prize-giving room that you can also place near the finish line, perhaps an elevated structure with all perimeter windows to watch the end of the race and at the same time to make the remaining players want to finish the race to enter that room.

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