How can I achieve this hit feedback glowing effect?

I’m making a combat system and would like to apply the glowing hit feedback effect seen in the video below on any character that is hit. Is it possible to do this in Roblox in an efficient way? Thanks.


A way of doing it would be by duplicating the part and making a larger version that is neon then fading it away. However any angles that are inside will be messed up. Or you could cover it in a texture that is white then fading it however that will not be neon.

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I would have a script in StarterCharacterScripts that welds parts (CanCollide = false, Transparency = 1) to all the limbs upon spawning that are slightly larger than the limb, and make those parts White/Neon. Then whenever someone gets hit, just change their transparency to ~0.5 then quickly tween it back to 1.

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