How can I add acceleration and deceleration to movement?

I’m trying to add acceleration and deceleration to the players movement. I have looked at many post but none of them have led me anywhere. Does anyone know how to add this?

Have you tried making the player’s density higher? I did that with an A-Chassis car and it worked

I just tried right now. Either it doesn’t work or I haven’t done it correctly.

Go to the HumanoidRootPart and change the density, also the density method I used worked for my A-Chassis, I didn’t said it would work for the player, or maybe you will have to change something in the PlayerScript

you can try connecting a function to Humanoid.Changed and code it so that every time the MoveDirection changes to not (0,0,0) you can increase the movespeed over time, and when it changes back to (0,0,0) you can decrease the movespeed back to base over time

For some reason, density isn’t handled properly by Roblox; It does affect how much objects push others, but the way it handles momentum is backwards!

To make a player character move with momentum, you have to ironically decrease all of their body parts’ densities. They should honestly fix that then add a toggle to maintain compatibility with older experiences.

Is this for the players walkspeed or being pushed?

This does work but it doesnt have the control I’m looking for.