How can I add gamepass items to my shop gui?

I have a shop for my fighting game where players start with 1 tool and earn their way to the next ones where they can choose which tool they want to equip once unlocked. But I want to also include gamepass items inside the shop so that if the player owns a certain gamepass they can equip the gamepass item at any time. This means I want to place the gamepass item anywhere within the shop and not have it count toward the unlocking order and instead would prompt the player to purchase the gamepass when they try to buy it. I also plan to use this same system to have multiple gamepass items in the shop. I think you have seen this before in other games with a shop gui where they include a gamepass item/s that the player can buy. I’ll provide an uncopylocked template place where you can edit everything inside Roblox Studio, everything is simple and organized so you should have no problem navigating the backbone of the shop system. I’m not quite an intermediate scripter myself but I’m sure there is a quick an easy fix that I do not know about.

Here is the template if you want to try implementing the system I just explained above:
gamepass in shop gui - Roblox