How can I add more values to my datastore2 setup?

I’ve got datastore2 set up and implemented, but as the game expands and as I add more characters, how should I update my datastore2 setup to not lose player data? Currently when I add new data to the datastore that new data is not added into the key of players who have already played.

For example, this is my data table that players have set up using:

local dataTable = {
	Ints = {
		["Zombucks"] = 75;
		["ScientistWins"] = 0;
		["JudgeWins"] = 0;
		["SurvivorWins"] = 0;
		--["Donation"] = 0;
	Characters = {
		["CharJewel"] = true;
		["CharJohn"] = true;
		["CharKatie"] = true;
		["CharTom"] = true;
return {
data = dataTable

I now want to add these values into the “Characters” section:

	["CharMatthew"] = false;
	["CharVictoria"] = false;
	["CharBryce"] = false;

Adding them directly into the module script wont work as players who have already played will not have this data set, I don’t want to risk overwriting my data.

Any ideas?