How can I ADD orientation onto the camera?

I made a topic a while ago, but a lot of people were confused of what I meant. So I’m going to try to explain it again: How can I add the orientation of a part onto the camera? I want to be able to move the camera, whilst also being moved around by the part? So, how can I combine the normal movement of the camera with another orientation, and NOT simply just set the orientation or CFrame to the part?

Are you trying to figure out how you can independently move a camera but set its orientation to a parts, or handle all of that by itself?

Yes, independently move the camera, but also it being moved by the part at the same time.

I think a video like this could help you

aswell as this

Another thing you could attempt is checking the CFrame documentation and working around that

Set the focus of the Camera to a part, and then use RunService to update it, which then you can move the focus part and the camera will always move with it, if this answers your question.

What do you mean by update it? Update what? I set the focus to the part’s CFrame because that’s what it wanted for some reason but it didn’t do anything

Nevermind, I didn’t quite understand what you meant.

what I meant was to allow the player to move the camera as they please, but it also being moved/ affected by the parts orientation, combining both, not one of them overriding the other.