How can I add things like BlurAffects and Color Corrctions on the client?

I want to add blur affects depth of field etc on the clients side but I dont know how.

Instance them via LocalScripts where local scripts can run.

But i want to add them using Players.PlayerAdded?

LocalScripts will run individually for each person when they join a game. Put it in StarterGui and it will run once for every player.

Just add a blur effect to lighting, or put a localscript which creates this effect in the StarterPlayer StarterPlayerScripts, this insures that it will happen when the player joins (player added)

Here is the script if you chose to use it:

local blur ="BlurEffect")
blur.Parent = game.Lighting
blur.Name = "ScriptedBlur"
blur.Size = 24

You can choose your blur.size

or you can do a remoteevent and when a player joins you use FireClient() event

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