How can I build a simulator?

Hey everyone, so I want to try and build a roblox game based on a simulator but I am not sure what to build first and like what to design it etc, if you have any idea’s please tell me! :smiley: (I want to try and make a Unboxing Simulator or a pet one, also my first topic.)


Lots of simulator styles consist of a cartoony aesthetic with low poly meshes and using the smoothplastic material. Take this game thumbnail for example:

Edit: I didn’t make that thumbnail, just found it on google images.


Thank you I will look into it! :slight_smile:


Come up with an idea. It can be new or old, but don’t “copy” others. Use google images as a reference to help inspire. Ask around on discord. If you need help with management, you can hire me to help you out for a certain time. Just read this post:

Hm, I see thank you maybe I will hire you!

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Alright. Just DM me on Discord: xJxck_yy#7636

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This cartoony low poly theme is used for games like MeepCity and a little bit of Jailbreak with the cars and buildings. I guess vibrant colours and simple things are more appealing to a younger audience? Idek.