How can i can i make my path givers work on all type of scaled avatars?

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So basically. Inside my obby. I got path givers i made from sratch. Only problem im having with them is how theyre positioned under the player.

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As you can see from these two example videos. In the first one they work perfectly with my avatar scale. In the second they move down(Or either up sometimes) because i got a different scale set.



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Ive done some massive research everywhere. Hell even inspected the legacy path givers code to see how they did it. Sadly that code is so outdated i only got some minor help.

This is the code i use to generate a path under the player:

local P ="Part")
	P.Anchored = true
	P.Size =,1,3)
	P.Material = Enum.Material.SmoothPlastic
	P.Color = self.Color
	P.Transparency = 1
	P.CFrame = Pos *,-game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.LowerTorso.Size.Y*5-1,0)
    P.CFrame = CFrame.lookAt(P.Position,game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse().Hit.Position)

Any help. Small/big would be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Can’t you just scale them to the maximum size of characters and the the player will naturally just fall onto the path. If not you can just create parameters of the minimum character size to the maximum character size. I don’t the exact size numbers off the top of my head though, sorry!

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Yea i could. But i dont want to force a scale onto the players. I want them to have a freedom if yknow what i mean. But it was a good idea thanks (:slight_smile:

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