How can I change a tree model to a humanoid?

Hello fellow devs!

I want to change a tree model to a humanoid with the health bar displayed on the top and can be killed by a player.
For that I copied a Humanoid object from a NPC in Toolbox and put it directly under the tree model, but it seems not working.

Do you know how to do it? or Are there any good YouTube videos for that?
( Though I searched on YouTube).
I appreciate if someone help me.

For the HealthBar to be shown, you need a Head part inside the tree model. “Head” should be it’s name. But i recommend making a custon HealthBar for this kind of system you want.

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I dont know if you a familiar with rigging a model you could search on youtube

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Thank you for your quick reply.
I change the name of a part in the tree model to “Head” and it seems working!
But why do you recommend a custom health bar?
The default Roblox health bar seems to work fine.

I will definitely search it on YouTube.
Thank you for the info!

The Humanoid will actually try to make the tree “moveable”, so let’s juet say a Humanoid is designed for characters only. Huge amounts of these will actually create lag.

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I see.
Thank you for the very useful information.
I will try to make a custom health bar.
I will close this thread once.
Thank u again for all of your kind help!

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