How can i change the type of movement


Hello, my name is ThiefMaster2234 in roblox, and I want to ask something, it is not a bug of roblox studio or anything else, it is to know how I can change the type of movement …

I mean, look at this picture:

I want the blue and green bars to be in another direction.
If you do not explain well, answer me and I will give you more information!

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You can press Ctrl+L or right click to toggle between world space (shown in your image) and local space.

See “Use World Space”:

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Do you want to rotate the part? So the lines are on the opposite side?


You are using the “Use global space” option, but for what you want to do, you should use the "Use local space"

You can simply right-click on the part and select, or you can press Ctrl + L
I hope I have helped, good luck with your work. :wink: