How can i control GUIs in the client?

So i’m in the making of a game and i need a way to control GUIs for player, more specifically i need to make it so i can add and remove a specific gui to all players by the press of a textbutton, can someone help me please?

Note: I know we are not supposed to ask for full scripts, i tried to make this before and i couldn’t make it because i don’t know how to.

From what I understand, you should use RemoteEvents and a combination of FireServer and FireAllClients

Yes, i know that’s what i’m supposed to do, but i don’t know how to use RemoteEvents

You could do this with a remote event or a remote function.

I know, i know what i’m supposed to do just not how i can do it

You should read this article

You could fire a remote event to the server when the player presses a button. Then on the server :FireAllClients() when the remote event fires to the server. Then on the destroy the gui on the client.

Idk if I’m clear

I already did, understood no thing, that’s why i’m appealing to the developer forums

Yea i can understand what you mean perfectly, i just have a thing that i just can’t understand how to use the remote events

you should read the link @zeplar_exe sent, it has a tutorial if you don’t understand

If you don’t understand remotes even after reading a detailed tutorial then you most likely don’t understand the bare basics