How can I counteract humanoid velocity dampening?

Humanoids have velocity dampening on the x and z axis, but I’d like to negate that effect. I haven’t seen any properties or functions on Humanoid that allow me to disable the dampening. I could make my own controller and not use the Humanoid, but I wanted to explore keeping the Humanoid but without dampening first.

I could attempt on RunService.Heartbeat to counteract the dampening by adding to the velocity of the HumanoidRootPart, or using some tricks with attachments and constraints to get the physics engine to counteract it for me. Do you any better information for how to solve this?

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You may be able to achieve this by messing with custom physical properties, such as Density (heavy, so it takes longer to slow down?)

Alternatively, perhaps you could use a body force to push the humanoid slightly in the moving direction.

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With the new ApplyImpulse and AssemblyLinearVelocity values, I can just apply an impulse in the opposite direction of the dampening.

Can someone tell me the formula for dampening? I’d love to know

What you can do is raycast from the humanoid every frame and if they are off the ground, you put the humanoid into platform stand. You just have to have an AlignOrientation update every frame as well so you don’t fall over.

Also if you want to move while in the air, just set the walkspeed to the magnitude of the velocity X and Z.