How can I cycle through catalog pages?

I’m trying to get around 200 results for catalog items

local AvatarEditorService = game:GetService("AvatarEditorService")

local Params =
Params.AssetTypes = { Enum.AvatarAssetType.Hat }
Params.SortType = Enum.CatalogSortType.Relevance

local CatalogPages = AvatarEditorService:SearchCatalog(Params)

local ItemIds = {}
for _, itemInfo in CatalogPages:GetCurrentPage() do
	table.insert(ItemIds, itemInfo.Id)


this howeever only gets 30 items. There’s very little information on how to get more

I haven’t messed around with this before, but I think it would be:


This was also shown as an example:

for item, pageNo in iterPageItems(myPageObject) do
	-- look at item. Pages will advance automatically