How can I easily make christmas lights?

Hello, I’m slowly starting to get back into the building scene and I’d like to put christmas lights all over my building. Because I like christmas… yeah.

At first thought I thought of using the rope master plugin, but it appears that there’s no christmas light option. Nor will there ever be because the plugin is abandoned now… :confused:

How could I easily and quickly make some christmas lights?

So… I would recommend you to make a neon ball construction. After this from cylinders make a rope and put on it neon balls. I hope you will enjoy it. It is nit a long process and it looks really cool. :smile:


Alright I’ll try it, but yeah, it still takes a long time to manually adjust the lights on the rope…

Try using beams. It won’t look super good when up close but it will be fast and easy.

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I’d recommend using blender for this, saves you a lot of performance and time.

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Make the model in blender, import it to Roblox Studio, make the light bulbs or whatever you use neon.