How can I export selected things from Blender to Roblox Sutdios with different types of color?

I’ve seen multiple questions asking this but have not really seen an easy answer. When I try to export my mesh that has multiple colors, I upload it to Roblox Studio but all of the color is gone. I’ve tried coloring it there but I can only choose one color. I’ve also tried exporting each part of the mesh a piece at a time but that was far more complicated. I am wondering if anyone knows of a better way to do this. I’ve tried using .fbx but the color still won’t show.

Thank you.

There a topic that shows you how to export colored models from blender:

The TLDR; is that it depends on how you colored your mesh. If you colored the mesh with vertex painting, Roblox will support this provided you export as FBX. If the mesh is uv-mapped and colored with a texture, that is fine too, provided it’s only 1 texture for the whole mesh. If your mesh has vertex groups with different materials or textures, this is NOT going to export to Roblox; you have to either split the mesh, use vertex painting, or bake your multiple textures down to a single texture (possibly requiring some re-arranging of UVs to fit everything).

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