How can I fill in these spaces?

I have this model that my friend made in studio, but i need to fill in the empty circles. Is there a plugin or a way I can do that without going into blender or having to make a new model?image

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Is it a union? if it is then separate until these spaces are filled
Right click on it then click separate.
Hope this helps you

You can simply delete the cuts [ vertices ], if the model is simple you can actually make a mesh with in Studio with in seconds or a few minutes. Currently there are no plugins which allows you to modify already created meshes as your asking.

I suggest selecting the ‘negative parts’, duplicate, press ‘seperate’ which is next to the union and negate in studio and scale it to the desired size.

This is not a union as he described.
Not sure that would help

Maybe use a cylinder, and scale it properly?