How can i fix my texture?

How can i fix that tiles on my texture?


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Is the texture supposed to have the lines?

nope its not its always happening

bug on roblox’s end i believe. i had this happening to me with the floors on royale high on my old pc. dont worry, people with better computers wont see the lines (if this bug is the problem).

ask a friend to join you and tell you if they see the lines. if they do, then it’s probably an issue to do with the way you imported the texture.

I believe it’s a problem from the texture and not roblox.

no no its always happening with all textures

it would appear that the image u have used to texture has a border,so remove the border if you are trying to get rid of the lines or just use a built in texture such as metal and color it pink would look pre similar

its not about that because its disappears when i get closer nothing to do with that i guess

Change the amount of studs in it.

I’m not currently on my PC, so I can’t provide pictures, but open up your texture and go to it’s properties. It should say something about studs x/y, and I believe the default is 4 studs. Change this number to be higher and it should fit it correctly

Changing the amount of studs simply changes the X/Y size of the texture before it repeats. Your texture may be trying to repeat over and over again.