How can I fix repetitive model purchase pop ups?

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So I was updating my game and reverted to a previous version of it to fix a few problems and when I published it I got complaints from users that they were getting a huge number of repetitive pop ups to purchase models, I was getting no pop ups whatsoever including a few moderators in my group. I reverted to a version of the game where I had played it before and no one had any pop ups whatsoever, but they are still there. I am speculating that its something that got updated. I removed most of my plugins and removed admin consoles to check if the problem got resolved but Its still there. We have no free models whatsoever which makes me very puzzled.

Is there a way I can remove these pop ups?

In that version did you have any other developer that had malicious plugins or accidentally inserted malicious scripts? It’s a possible answer, then those scripts possibly got removed after in a later version.

Yes, he might’ve had a malicious plugin, but he removed all of the plugins he had, if that is the case there might’ve been malicious scripts added to the game, but we have searched for every term and we can’t seem to find anything, is there a way to find it?

Type “script” in the explorer search tab to find unfamiliar scripts. Use this to also check every script you have made as there might be malicious code inserted into them. To search for these malicious code, made sure you check every line and also scroll horizontally to the right as they are usually hidden there. Once found, just remove them.

You said after you updated the game the pop ups were gone right? You shouldn’t have any troubles if it got removed, I’d suggest to check every single script in game, even the scripts made by the programmer to check for hidden lines, some plugins add hidden lines that require external modules.

There might be a misunderstanding, so before I reverted the place everything was normal and fine, but once I reverted the place these popups started. So we are going to go through each and every script we have if that is the only way to go.

Oh, so the game is now on the reverted version, right? If yes, you should check for every script, there’s no other way, unless you try to make the malicious script go in error so you can track it trough console log, try like deactivating external models prompt from workspace or game.

Yes the current version is the reverted one. Alright will do so. Thank you for the help.

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