How can I fix/improve my game’s like-dislike ratio?


  1. I want to fix/improve the like-dislike ratio on my game.

  2. My game has been dislike-botted, and ROBLOX does not want to do anything about it. The like-dislike ratio has taken a hit since it was dislike-botted.

  3. I had thought of making a new game to host my experience, but I do not want to lose all the favorites and visits I have earned over the years.

I have been waiting for Roblox to fix this issue for a while. They have not done anything, and it has been months since I submitted the issue to ROBLOX support. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue without the help of ROBLOX (i.e Resetting only the likes and dislikes as a last resort), I would really appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

You should try and get solid evidence and prove that it was botted, that’s probably the reason they haven’t done anything yet

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I have, yet they still do not solve the issue.