How Can I Get A Better Knowledge of Scripting?

Hey, it’s me again :smile:

I’ve been trying to learn scripting, and I got the basics down, and I’m doing ok. However, there’s still a lot that I’m confused about, such as certain mechanics and code that has been removed, and is now old.
I’ve been trying to find tutorials, but a lot of them are old, and some are hard to follow.
Do any of you have any recommendations for going more into advanced scripting?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

-Army :smiley:

When I was learning how to script, I didn’t necessary look at too many tutorials, I worked on a game with scripting and when I got to a part when I didn’t know how to do something, I researched heavily. And not just one quick google search, when I was learning about data stores, I spent hours experimenting in studio, trying things. It’s also important to write things down. Other people might request to look at free models and it’s scripts, also good idea.

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Attack any problem you can create in your head until stuff starts working, and check the devForum for troubleshooting firsthand, if all else fails, reach out to a discord server/valid forum, or make a post! Try things that are scary and discerning with fire in your heart!


You see, it becomes harder to research something when you don’t know what it is.
This is when you know what you want to do, you just don’t know what to use to do it.
Take, for example, when I needed to move something in the direction it was looking in. What I needed was lookvector, but I didn’t know that yet.
What would sprouts suggest in that situation?

If you don’t know what something is, you have devforum access, use that to your advantage, no matter how basic the questions are, make a post about it. People will most likely know the answer to your issue.

At the same time, try to keep the posts to a low amount, don’t make a post EVERY time you have a question, it may count as spam posts.

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