How can I get an ItemThumbnail for my tool?

Hello, I’ve encountered a problem that’s like this:
I’ve made a sword with blender, imported it, and made it in to a tool. Am I just really dumb or is texture ID something that already should be there or do I need to import it myself? I’ve seen that some people are using texture ID for getting an Image over the tool, how can I achieve that but without a texture ID?

Problem Simplified: How can I get an image over a tool without a texture ID?

How I want my item to be:

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You can do this with vertex paint. Wavefront (.obj) doesn’t support this so you’ll need to export your model as .fbx; do note that .fbx files use more memory than .obj.

If that is undesirable to you (I’m not sure how high fidelity you want your model’s texture,) then yes, you will need to manually make a UV/texture

After making a UV mapping, I put it in the sword, and that worked. But when i see it in the inventory it looks like this…

Solved it by making a 3D render of the tool in blender!

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I mistakenly thought you were asking about texturing a 3D model, but I can see now that you were talking about adding an icon to your tool. Apologies, glad you were able to find a solution!


No need for an apology! You helped me on the way!