How can I get many players in my game?

Hello everyone. I have been working on a murder game for a long time and I finally finished it. It is pretty fun and I also tested it with friends. When I promoted it I used user ads and sponsorship but I only got like 1 player. How can I get more players in my game?


Honestly, I think ads and sponsoring are the best “go-to” for starting your game.

Clickbait ads work very well. Don’t hire a 3D artist when you start out.

Well you have 2 options: A: Wait for the game to get popular B: create better ads or C: Y o u t u b e


how much did u spend on ads @palarc1

Spent $20 on promotion and ads today…

One thing to keep in mind is the quality of your game.
(You want to make sure your players come back to your game to keep playing)

It’s a really nice game, just ive noticed a few (or more :sweat_smile:) free models, maybe try making some of your own stuff so everything fits a similar building theme.

If I was you I’d do some cleaning up from free models, try putting more robux into advertising or try different ads, and your good to go!

Overall, great game! :grinning:

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Hey thanks! I really appreciate it!

Let me start off by saying I heavily enjoy your game. Me and a few others were on there for quite a while.

The best way is to do advertisements and sponsors as others have said.

What is your budget?

no spend 10k robux or 5k i think thats good

There’s nothing wrong with the guy using free models if his game is nice. I don’t see how it’ll change the gameplay, they’re free to use.

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I made this game, as you can see, it’s a FNAF fan game, with cameras. I used a free model and made it my own.

As long as you’re not lazy and learn from them then use free models, just check for any viruses.

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I think I should rephrase that.

Free models are okay to use

I’m saying that using less free models and more of his own style could increase how visually pleasing the game is to players.

I can think of games I’ve played in the past that I have not been fond of because how they look.

That might just be me though, idk :smiley:


My budget is around fifty dollars @ThE_BIGCK

Don’t advertise or sponsor it for a low amount of robux, I recommend inviting your friends to play it with you for a game night or something and try to get their friends to play and so on and so forth.

thats a big amount how come have u not got any players

I only spent $20, and on a Friday

Maybe try some ads in the middle of the week when there is less competition. Its worth a shot!