How can I give users the option to appeal an in game ban?

A ban system is simple. I have a dedicated datastore for banned players. The ban is stored with the user ID as the key and table containing ban information (such as the reason, the end date, and the moderator who issues the ban) as the value. If the player joins and has a ban, and either no end date is specified (permanent ban) or the end date is in the future, they are immediately kicked from the game.

What if I want to give users the opportunity to appeal a ban? If I kick them immediately, there is no way they could submit any kind of ban appeal. What other options are there?


Why not just make another game for appealing?

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Do appeals in Discord. Roblox appeals will be useless since you can’t really respond to them again and if they were exploiting too, you shouldn’t ever unban. But I suggest going away from the idea of doing an appealing system and only ban exploiters. Even if people are annoying you for example, it doesn’t matter, they’re playing your game! But if it’s an exploiter, they should get banned, no questions asked. But don’t blindly ban even if anyone tells you to ban a certain person, since they could be asking for their friend to be banned as a joke or just random people.