How can I improve at scripting?

I’m sorry if it’s the wrong category.

Hi developers, I’ve been scripting for a while, and I watched a lot of scripting tutorials, AlvinBlox, and all the advanced tutorials of TheDevKing, and I feel like I don’t improve, do you know how can I keep learning and improve my scripting knowledge?


Go to studio, mess around with CFrames, datastores, welds etc. Learn OOP and code modularization after ur comfortable with the afore mentioned ones.


Read topics inside devforum and learn from them and try to solve them.

Thank you so much from now on I will practice but OOP is kind of useless maybe it’s not but I’ll try to learn that as well.

OOP is one of the core concepts of programming, it mite seem useless at firts, but eventually, you wud b using it almost always