How can I improve my builds and what are the best plugins?


About 2 weeks ago I started working in roblox studio, I realized quickly that I suck at scripting so I started building. I realized building was something I really enjoy.

My goal with building is sometime in the future I could be able to get a job here on the dev forums getting hired as a builder in a game or working together with a scripter to create a game. So here’s my question. Are there any good plugins I could use? Or what do you recommend to do when looking for inspiration ( I’m not a creative person I usually don’t think of things right away). Are there any programs on the pc you would recommend to use?

I am hoping you can answer some of my questions.

Thank in advance :slight_smile:



That depends what you want to build. I will just provide ones I have.


Stravant - Model Reflect

Stravant - ResizeAlign Fixed

Low Poly Terrain Creator

Wedged terrain

CSG Curve Cutter


Stravant - GapFill & Extrude Fixed

Archimedes Two (v2.4)

Part to Terrain


Try practicing and exploring what the roblox studio can do. Maybe get an image from google and recreate that in roblox studio, or maybe try building your own room. The possibilities are endless


To improve your builds, it’s simply just practicing. I mean this by how you should build a lot and very often. The more you build, the better you get. Maybe try looking at a few images to get inspiration from this could be a showcases, house, car, or whatever comes to your mind to keep you motivated but whatever floats your boat works, too. Secondly, if you feel the needs to use a program you could try using blender or something your comfortable with.

But figure out what you’re best at building. Some people are best at making showcases, some even cars, you could also do the same and I personally like to make (VFX- Particle Effects). I believe using Archimedes-Two-v2-4 HIGHLY recommend that. Thirdly, if you are going to need inspiration, look around at these sites (Pinterest, Polycount) because they have some pretty nice images to get inspiration from any kind of place.

Look at this to find a bunch of building plugins that people have suggested.