How can I improve my game?

Hello, I’m Xark and this is a game that I had for quite a long time now and I wonder why the game has 0 players. The game currently has farming, you can jump to other islands, unlock new pets to continue grinding faster and better, upgrade your tools, there is a boss that appears every 5-10 minutes to earn good loot from it, a group chest, and yet no one is playing it

I don’t know what I could do, the game currently looks boring I guess? I cannot really see the problem. One solution that I had was adding NPCs that attacks you in every crop, so there’s a bit of action instead of just grinding.

Any ideas? This is the game.

This is my general opinion but I think you should remove the cloud jumping. Maybe add more islands you can teleport too.

I personally find it really annoying to jump to other islands on clouds and stuff like Ninja Legends as it’s just time consuming and boring.

How would you replace it? Just a normal teleport to other islands?

Maybe add portals to different islands and require different amounts of levels or finish a specific amount of tasks (I don’t know). I just think anything that doesn’t include jumping up clouds, falling, raging, will be good.

Saber simulator makes me rage a bit too much when I fall… (not really)
Personally, I like the cloud jumping

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I just think that removing cloud jumping would make the game more boring than with portals.