How can I improve my game?

Hey there!

My game hasn’t been doing so amazing, so I would like feedback on what I can improve!

I already know the UI isn’t looking so great, so try to give me things other than that. Mainly, just tell me what was confusing when you entered the game and how I can make it easier for new players to understand how to play, and keep them coming back.

Thanks for all the help,

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Where is the game? Are you talking about this?

What game? There is no link provided.

It has a potential, don’t throw it, 230k visits is very nice.

My notes:
-Try to improve the UI in order to attract more people.
-Add More stuff that could interest people , maybe customization shop, etc.

Other than that, it looks good and you should not discontinue working on it.

What game are you talking about? I would be appreciated if you provided a link.

Okay, I will be giving a full analyst of the game.

Map and Build

The map generally needs some improvement. Its too open in a sense that there’s not many things to do, and the things that are there seem like filler and don’t have a connection with the map around it. For example, the teleportation portal is an interesting gimmick, but it doesn’t teleport you to somewhere interesting like a hidden cavern with an obby to complete while you’re waiting for the game to start. Additionally, the map appears to be floating with some sort of a strange void. I think you would benefit a lot more if the map was an island with an actual ocean surrounding the area. The color correction and fog also looks strange to me. It feels very cold and not welcoming.


I’m aware you already understand that the UI isn’t good, and frankly it is. The UI feels messy and all over the place. The color of UI doesn’t help with the color correction. I think it would’ve been slightly more acceptable to me if it was a slightly lighter blue, and that the text was changed to white. The mute music and mute radio could’ve benefited a lot more if it was simplified to being in a settings menu. The update at two-hundred likes also seems random.


I played the minigames and they’re generally fine and creative enough. I think the one gimmick I do not favor is the elevator. I felt that most players wouldn’t pay attention to it and would think it starts like any other minigame based game where it starts automatically. I think it may be a better idea to remove the elevator, and instead make a ready button for it. I would personally do that if you’re going to start redesigning the UI and rethink the map.


The game has a lot of potential and don’t get me wrong, I don’t think the game is bad. I just think that the game could use a lot of revamping and fixing. I think that the main thing I was really turned off by is how unclean it looked. In my opinion, I think the game would greatly benefit from cleaning the UI up, revamping some of the mechanics of the lobby. If you look at Death Run or Epic Minigames, the games feel very welcoming, bright, and exciting. I can give you more feedback on specifics if you please. Anyways thanks for hearing me out, and sorry for the long rant!

Thanks for the feedback, and yes if you have the time to go into more specific things that would be great!

I have a customization shop, what else would you think would help?

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