How can I improve my game?

Thanks for the positive feedback :slight_smile: you really gave me the confidence boost that I needed right now.


I also love the UI design :heart: , wish you luck, once you’ve done all that engagement roll out sponsors and playtime should build up, more people and a game that makes people engaged will drive traffic, since people don’t always play a game with no players, good luck! :slight_smile:


I tried out your game. Here are my thoughts:

As a new player, there’s not much to do. You can only eat rocks, level up, and sell items. There are quests, but the first quest only tells you to do the same thing. Though I feel like this could be made up for if there were more to explore with the world, instead, the world is blocked by level caps. So the player is practically forced to level up their noob by clicking on rocks.

In addition, there are few opportunities to customize your noob. As a new player, you can only change the name or level up your noob, which everyone else can also do. That isn’t a lot of customization for these pets.

In order to improve your game, I feel like there needs to either be more for the player to do, like exploring the map, other NPCs to talk to, and a shop that allows you to use your cash to customize your noob, like change the color, give hats, add trails, etc. Also, I would recommend changing the name from World of Noobs to something more pet-related, World of Noobs make it sound more like an adventure game.


First of all thanks for taking the time to give feedback, I’m definitely taking all that into consideration.

Yeah I’m planning on adding a shop where you can buy hats, faces, and colors for your noob.

The thing is you can explore the world by collecting noobux and buying those blocked off areas. They’re not level caps, you buy them with noobux. I was assuming people would save up noobux to buy those areas, then explore it and the types of rocks that are there. Do you think I should remove those barriers?

I’m not sure if you got up to it yet but there are also enemies when you go a little farther into the map. There are ants that chase you around that you need to kill.

I actually removed the dividers, can you give your thoughts now?

The lighting is really bad, definitely improve it. If I was a normal player I’d immediately leave, the ambient is way too dark and there’s not enough saturation. Add Sun Rays, and a depth of field, you definitely have a ColorCorrection so make the contrast like 0.1 and Saturation 0.2, adjust if you need to.

The UI doesn’t size correctly for different monitors or devices, it’s too small for me. You can fix this by installing AutoScale, and the colors are too green and boring. Also the camera moves way too fast in the cutscenes or whenever the camera moves.

The alarm or noise that will play if you try getting rocks that you need to have a certain level for sounds harsh, it’d probably scare me as 8 year old kid.

The map is too empty, there needs to be more trees everywhere, and the ui for the rocks don’t match the UI on screen, same for the Level and Name on your Noob. The buildings are too small and the thing you spawn on looks weird.

The music is nice, but unfitting, it sounds like it would be used for a Beach zone or something.

Overall, the game is unappealing and needs lots of work. Unless you’re hunting for small obscure games, I wouldn’t play this. The concept is interesting and reminds me a lot of Ban Hammer Simulator or Turtle Island, games that would be pretty popular back in 2017/2018.

Oh, and the thing on the bottom left that’s telling you what you’re getting should be physical in the map, like how the coins spread out in Pet Simulator X

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The map is empty because the game is still a work in progress and I need to fill it up with different kinds of rocks and stuff.

Im already using AutoScale on the Uis.

I’ll lower the error volume so it’s not as harsh.

As for a lot of the other things you said I honestly disagree. I don’t think the Ui is boring, the lighting doesn’t seem dark for me, could be it depends on your screen, I think the music fits, why are the buildings too small? And why is the thing you spawn on weird? That honestly seems like a weird comment to make. The ui for rocks does kind of match the ui because theyre both green, as for the noob ui I think it looks fine with the game ui and doesnt clash at all.

I tried it, I feel like the updates have improved a lot. Though one thing that I noted was that the rocks are level capped. The negative feedback from trying to eat it with my Level 3 Noob discouraged me from continuing to explore but forced me back to the original zone. This is only an observation.

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Well I mean if I didn’t level cap the rocks you would instantly go to the best rocks in the entire game and start eating them. That’s why there’s a form of progression with the rocks.

I didn’t say the lighting was too dark, I said the ambient or outdoor ambient (dont know which one) is too dark, you can tell because the shadows or the spots that are supposed to be dark are darker than like in other games. The buildings are fine but the windows and all that stuff take up too much space. The thing looks weird because of the rounded things on the side. The ui on the rocks and Noob are way different because they don’t have an outline or background, and when I rejoined, the tutorial still happens.

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Instead of level capping the big rocks, you could have the rocks take a long time to eat, like in the hundreds instead.

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Alright I’ll check out the lighting thing. The UI thing about it not having the same background and whatever doesn’t really bother me much because it’s just a minor detail, but I get what you’re saying.

The tutorial restarting thing is a known bug, Im working on fixing it

That’s actually an extremely good idea, I’ll look into implementing that.

All right but just know that it isn’t really about you think, it’s about the people who play your game thinks.


Also I suggest making the thumbnail with the headless guy the first thumbnail you see, it looks better (no offense to the guy who made the other one) and people might want to play when seeing it.

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You can obliterate rocks instantly. Add a click debounce?

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Add a softshutdown system so you dont need to kick people each update because if random players that are kicked and they have joined for the first time chaces for them to rejoin is low

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The game is absolutely adorable and cute when you first join the game! However, once you get past all that the gameplay gets rather stale quickly. I personally would add more visual and audio stimuli to help make the mundane task of clicking rocks more entertaining.


Very good game, but the colors of the map are odd. The style of the UI and map don’t really match. I think one of the main reasons is that the NPC (Bob) starts talking to you instantly. I don’t think players would notice that.


You could add various tasks throughout the gameplay that appear in intervals, that way there would be an additional aspect of the game that will keep players captivated for longer periods at a time. Maybe something like additional rewards or features players can unlock.

Also, I’m not sure of the contrast of the cartoony buildings and the more detailed terrain really works as it slightly throws off the vibe of the game which is supposed to be nooby, but the terrain is quite detailed.

For the tutorial you could add a datastore to check when players complete the tutorial and to prevent it from appearing again when they rejoin, unless you have already done that.

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