How can i improve my game?

Hi everyone, today i wanna show you my new project that i’ve been working on.

My game is very simple, AFK to get better score and be better on leaderboard, but here’s the issue i found, there’s nothing else to do. I wanted to expand game with some rewards for better TimePlayed but i still can’t get good idea what?

Second thing is graphics, i used future lighting, PBR, volumetric lighting and some lens flare (for flashlight) but still idk if this is not much or too much for that kind of game?

You can let me know what i can add, what should i improve, what should i delete etc. I wanna get some opinions on my game.

Thanks for every opinion!

Link to game: AFK Paradise Reborn - Roblox

the sounds are great and the lighting is good too, but the leader board and traffic lights clipping through the metal isn’t a huge problem, but it makes it less immersive. i really like the high voltage indicators on the back of the street lights, it’s good attention to detail. the GUI at the start being more sharp i think would be a bit more fitting. maybe a leaderboard you can open up with a button would be better. overall it’s a great looking game.

Completely rethink your game’s concept. If your game is purely based on AFK’ing, there’s no point in playing it besides wasting electricity. Peoples will quickly get bored of doing nothing but AFK.

If you are looking more for an hangout-like game, try to find some aspects that could differenciate you from the thousand of others hangout games.

i can’t really do anything with lens flare clipping but thanks for opinion.

just checked, if you put a spotlight in there and lower the angle it’ll fix it.

I can add some hangout stuff and try making some more living into that game but thanks for opinion!

But it’s buildboardgui, and it use point spotlight.

maybe added a shop where you can use your time to buy things such as:
some drink

I’ll try adding it, thanks for advice

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I don’t understand what you are talking about