How can I improve my game?

I’ve been working on my game for about a month now. I would like to try and advertise in the near future. Please let me know if you have any suggestions of things I can add to improve it. Thank you!

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The spawn feels very bland:

maybe add details to spawn.


Other wise from a scripting perspective it is AMAZING! Maybe a little more work on the Plane movement. But that is all.


Some notes about your game:

  • Really like how the keybinds are communicated. It might be better to put them on the same wall as the voting buttons.
  • The free model buildings aren’t a good idea. People will recognize them. Better to make your own.
  • The way the plane handles feels wonky and hard to control. Consider letting the cursor decide where the plane goes, and making the turning more flexible. Also am not sure that all of the controls work? I press E and B and nothing seems to happen.