How can I improve my GFX?

How can I Improve my GFX? Please answer in the comments! image


To me, it looks like you can’! But one shadow I think would add a bit to it.

Thanks for the tip, I will take that advice!

the lighting isn’t great, the saturation is too low. you need better posing, and make magicman gfx text straight.

also have smooth gradients in the background or foreground and smoke or lighting, it makes it look better. and pls use a rig, yours thing has many many square edges, if it was smoother, it would look much nicer to the eyes.

you can use paintrigv3 as a good rig.

It is so extremely hazy
turn off ambient occlusion, use cycles, use pointlights, use hdris! That will help

Thanks for the tip! I’ll definitely use that paintrigv3!

You should use the light in blender, it is useful and can easily be adjusted to make some great shadows!

You can give shades onto it and some common environment stuff

Color palettes are the way to go, you don’t want a part of your character to be camouflaged with your background, just like the head of that character camouflaged in yellow background. I’m assuming you added a yellow lighting in your blender or added a yellow layer and lessen the opacity of it to make it yellow or something (The body looks like it has a yellow lighting or layer so ya)